I am a designer who likes to walk.
I look at meetings and briefings as walk of discovery, a time of exploration and exchange with my clients. These indispensable initial moments make it possible for us to understand each other as people and creative thinkers. It also helps us focus on substance and rely less on the material and technical tools we use to design.

Better understanding our respective strengths and limits in the beginning of the design process means that the work we do together will be as relevant and well suited as possible to the emerging project.

As the project emerges, it draws on the ideas, expertise, and creativity energy everyone involved. I find drive, motivation, and creative sources in the entire project cycle – and more particularly in the opportunity it affords me to encounter and exchange with a rich and diverse scope of people. My engagement doesn’t stop there, I need to know what happens to the work once it is « out there »: how it lives, evolves over time, ages, remains relevant or not …

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